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We are a co-educational school for children aged three to eighteen years. Our schools are situated on sprawling campuses in distinctively located environments that are not just the best for a school building, but which facilitate and enhance the learning process.

We are founded on the core competencies that are most relevant today – critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, powerful communication, collaboration and the nurturing of an environment where emphasis is placed on respect, empathy and bonding, which will enable students to contribute effectively throughout their lives.

The endeavour at Chatrabhuj Narsee School is to focus on transforming our students into confident and self-reliant individuals who are ready to negotiate challenges and create new pathways with determination and skill. The dream is to provide an intellectually stimulating environment within a trans-disciplinary broad-based curriculum, committed to preparing our students to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.

The school’s efficient and committed management, capable and caring faculty, quality infrastructure and innovative co-curricular activities make it an enriching experience for the student and the parent community.

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