Best IGCSE School in Pune


Cambridge Upper Secondary is typically for learners aged 14 to 16 years which builds on the foundation of the Cambridge Lower Secondary.

Cambridge IGCSE schools provides a broad and balanced study across a plethora of subjects, using learner-centred and inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning.
Cambridge International Certificate in Education (ICE) is awarded to candidates who pass in at least seven Cambridge IGCSE subjects, including two from Group 1 and one from each of Groups 2 to 5. The seventh subject may be chosen from any of the syllabus Groups 2 to 5.
Students must have minimum of 6 subjects (Excluding Drama, Physical Education & Global Perspectives) to apply to colleges in India. The subject(s) will be offered only if there are a minimum of 10 takers. The school may use its discretion to change / drop a subject.
Best IGCSE School in Pune

Best IGCSE Schools in Pune

For Learners
Aged 14 to 16

GROUP 1-A – Languages (1st, 2nd & Foreign)
• First Language English
• English as a Second Language
GROUP 1-B – Languages (1st, 2nd & Foreign)
• Hindi as a Second Language OR
• Foreign Language French OR
• Foreign Language Spanish
GROUP 2 – (Humanities &
Social Sciences)
• Literature in English
• Economics
• Environmental Management #
• History
• Geography
• Cambridge Global Perspectives (as the 7th subject)# *
GROUP 3 – (Sciences)
• Biology
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Environmental Management #

GROUP 4 – (Mathematics)

• Mathematics – International (Compulsory)
• Mathematics – Additional (This is a performance based selection)
GROUP 5 – (Creative & Professional)
• Art & Design
• Business Studies
• Accounting
• Cambridge Global Perspectives # *
• Computer Science
• Information & Communication Technology
• Physical Education (as the 7th subject)*
• Music
• Drama (as the 7th subject)*
Environmental Management can be counted as either a Group 2 or a Group 3 subject and Cambridge Global perspectives (as a seventh subject) can be counted as either Group 2 or Group 5 but not both.
Kindly note that these subjects are not currently recognized by the Indian Universities.