Primary School in Pune

(GRADE 1 TO 5)

Cambridge Primary, for learners aged 5 to 11 years provides  a world-class curriculum to develop learner skills and understanding in English, Mathematics and Science. Cambridge Primary helps identify a student’s learning curve that can be used to support learning and development. It prepares learners for a smooth transition to Cambridge Lower Secondary and beyond.
Our Cambridge Primary School in Pune complements a range of teaching methods and curricula. We have designed the curriculum keeping in mind the dynamic world around us. Integration of technology and teaching ICT skills, as well as Music, Dance, Drama, Art and Design, Physical Education, Games are an integral part of the curriculum, and it nurtures holistic development of the learners.
If you wish to register your child in a day school, undoubtedly, CNS is the Best Primary School in Pune for your child! 
Best Primary Schools In Pune

For Learners Aged 5 to 11 Years

The Primary Curriculum

Focus on developing knowledge and skills in core subject which form an excellent foundation for future study.
Focus on learners’ development in each year.
Provides a natural progression throughout the years of primary education.
Is compatible with other curricula, internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures.
Provides schools with international benchmarks.

Grade 1 to Grade 3

Grade 4 & 5

Music, Dance, Drama, Art & Craft, P.E. and Games
are integrated in the time table